Anonymous asked:
Deadpool actually runs this blog. The reason you're deleting/ignoring "deadpool submits to this blog" headcanons is because you know they're wrong.

We’ve been over this nonny, I’m Iron Man. I have no reason to be a cheap spider-dude knock off like Deadpool.

disneyprincesserwin asked:
Hi! Sorry to bother you but do you think you could tell me the fonts you use? They're very nice ! Thanks

Honestly couldn’t tell you about the top part, but the basic text is just Times New Roman.

mintley8 asked:
*uber massive hug* Some of these head-cannon's are heart-breaking, how do you guys cope?

archiving-a-life asked:
I'm a little terrified of discovering what Deadpool does on the internet, because a) it's Deadpool, and b) your followers come through on any suggestion.

I don’t think anyone took it seriously. Or, at least, I have yet to come across anything that says something like Deadpool has a pinterest dedicated to Superhero/Villain butts that he likes to show everyone.

Peter Parker used to play soccer, and he was actually really good.

Rogue and Gambit have three kids. They were adopted almost five years ago. The kids are excited to grow up and see if they are mutants as they parents because “mutants are cool.”

For the sake of the tag, we’re going to start deleting submissions that go along the lines of “Deadpool submits things to BMH” simply because they come up every week and there’s really nothing new about it.

So, sorry about that, but maybe find another blog Wade would submit to and tell us about that. We’re all for Deadpool’s internet life.

Before Peter recovered his body, a Parker Industries employee accidentally wrote Spider-Man, without the dash.

Nobody knows what Otto did to that poor soul.

Larger companies in the various Marvel universes have started adding new emergency drills - as well as fire drills and bomb drills, employees undergo alien invasion drills, super-villain takeover drills and Armageddon drills. 

When Deadpool’s fourth wall breaking abilities are particularly strong he reads Bland Marvel Headcanons on Tumblr