Due to being able to control his bionic arm when detached from his body, Bucky has gotten into the habit of making bad puns about it. For example, he tends to ask the other Avengers if they ‘need a hand’ and if they reply yes he throws his arm in their direction whilst laughing at their annoyed expressions.

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i have thought of a few headcannons but most are slash oriented

I can only tell you to follow your heart and point out that even in canon, characters don’t always come off as red blooded heterosexuals. Take Bucky for example:

And in context doesn’t make it sound better.

at house parties, magneto always ends up stuck on a refrigerator in the morning.

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Simply stopping by to say please keep up the good work! I've always wanted to submit headcanons...but I can never think of any witty ideas...heh. Anyway, yeah, loving this blog!

That’s the great thing about this blog: you don’t have to be witty. If you want to just send us your headcanon about how Captain Britain and Captain America switch uniforms to see if anyone will notice, you can. Even your most boring thoughts are welcome.

Thor’s favorite place to eat on Midgard is Panera because he is fascinated by their bread bowls.

They’ve asked Agent Coulson to be Captain America before they found him. He refused, not because he didn’t want to, but because he didnt know how to use a shield, ironically enough

Logan is great at giving massages. Its a thing he learned when he was in Japan. Once Jean learned about it, she told all the women at the mansion, and now they all go to him. And at times, so do some of the guys.

In MCU, Alex founded the Morlocks after getting pissed with Erik and Charles’ ‘bickering’ as he puts it.

Tasha is a Valkyrie.

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I absolutely adore your blog, guys :3 I swear I scrolled through hundreds of headcanons earlier XD

Geez. I hope it was super fun for you. Especially when I know we have thousands.