haveievermentioned asked:
Most of the headcanons involve 616, Ultimate verse, or the MCU. Can we have a few on the "What If' Universes or the TV shows like Super Hero Squad, Wolverine and the X-men, Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Avengers: Disk Wars, etc?

If anyone is up to that.

When Deadpool has down time he goes around Tumblr looking for role play blogs reblogging ask memes like “Send me the name of a ship and I’ll give you a six word story about it.” He then proceeds to anonymously send names of actual ships, both real and fictional - IE: Titanic, Queen Mary, USS Enterprise, Serenity, etc. - instead of relationship names.

lokid-in-221b asked:
One of the recent posts is different from the description. The post is about Johnny Storm but the text beneath it is about Tony Stark and New York.

It’s been fixed.

Steve once broke out into a rousing rendition of “America! F*** Yeah!” While fighting hydra. Some one caught it on film. It has 11 million views.

Even though he only has one eye, Nick Fury can beat anyone at a game of darts. Anyone.

Jane Foster can get exasperated with Darcy Lewis at the drop of a pin, but let anyone else (even Erik) try and put her assistant down? She becomes an avenging big sister and makes them regret it.

Get Mystique drunk enough, and she’ll reenact Sailor Moon’s transformation sequence.

People call Northstar and Aurora “The Wonder Twins” They HATE it!

Ever since Rogue and Gambit discovered “Pushing Daisies”, the X-Mansion always seems to be out of plastic wrap.

The Avengers often lose Clint on a Friday night. None of them are sure where he goes, except Natasha. She’s sure the people he drives home rather than letting them drive drunk are very grateful.