Electro still has nightmares about the lab accident.

Electro hates that he no longer has a tooth gap. He’s been moping about it for a month

Electro is really bad at witty comebacks

Peter Quill is an avid yo-yoer. As a kid and on Earth he had at least twelve different types of yo-yos. When he was taken into space, he only had one in his backpack - luckily it was his best one. The first thing he tried to do when he experienced zero gravity was use his yo-yo.

Darcy has a blog called “Big Boobs and Other Problems.” Everyone is referred to by their initials (T, C, S, B, etc). Still, it is the most followed piece of Internet after Tony’s Tumblr, titled “The Captain’s Booty.”

Bucky is allergic to peanuts.

Steve can speak French, German, and Italian. He learned Korean and Spanish by watching soap operas and telenovelas. He learned Japanese from anime.

Kurt Wagner is genderqueer.

Tony Stark is madly in love with Steve Rogers