feadae asked:
I also volunteer to proofread headcanons, if that's all right.

Today is, apparently, a good day to volunteer! 

We really have quite a supply of proofreaders now for anyone who wants them.

Though I should probably clarify, just in case: we have no ‘official’ proofreading positions at this point, simply because I really don’t know how we would go about that in any practical logistical way, but these people are generously offering their time so hopefully anyone who wants some proofreading on their headcanons will make use of them!

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funnyhowimdead asked:
I volunteer to read head cannons if you need anyone else :)

And we have yet another!

Clint’s favourite word is “boobies”. He insists he likes the sound, but if you ask Natasha she’ll tell you he’s just an immature asshole who just likes tits and hasn’t gotten over them at the age of 34.

Maria Hill has a deep-seated fear of squirrels. It’s a long and very embarrassing story, and one to which only Nick Fury and a handful of others are privy.

Tony Stark once woke up after a drunken night to find he’d ordered Loki 50,000 business cards saying “Mad Viking Space Wizard”

Loki loves Frozen. He learned how to play “Let It Go” on the piano, though he only plays it when he’s out at a random bar in the middle of the week at very places around the world. No one on Asgard has even heard him perform it and they never will. 

Carol Danvers still isn’t over Peter Parker and has the same recurring sex dream about him.

strixobscuro asked:
Are you guys still looking for people to proofread submissions? Because I'm willing to volunteer.

To anyone wanting proofreading for headcanons, we have another volunteer!

Even though there are other ways of communication, Black Bolt still feels really lonely for being unable to speak.